Lecture 2: Structure of English Law

Types of law can be broken down into a 7 tiers, according to their hierachy:

1) At the top we have International Law, often in the form of Conventions.

2) Regional Law i.e. European Law. For example there are various EU directives, such as in the import of seal pelts into the EU will be banned.

3) National Law, such as Acts of Parliment

4) Statutory instrument, e.g. local governments agents such as the Environment Agency (England)

5) Bylaws - local laws implemented by local authorities

6) Codes of Conduct, which are simplified versions of the law which advise citizens on appropriate conduct

7) Judicial law/presidence, are judge made laws based on previous cases of a similar nature

Wildlife crime/law is a relatively new area and aims to give the environment a legal standing. (See lecture 3).